Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day what?

I'm looking at the calendar yesterday counting, recounting, then counting again because I want to make sure that I am, in fact, on day 29. 9/30 was the first day of my last period and counts as day 1, right? Blah.

I forget what day exactly I stopped taking my BCP, but it was around the first couple days of October. Knowing my reproductive organs, I won't get "fertilized" the natural way. All of this was made possible by a peice of shit NP at Humbay, CA back in 1997. It took her 2 years to finally listen to me. Pretty shitty eh?

More times than not I've gotten grossly shitty care through MTFs. The only exception was at Travis AFB in 1999 at their Infertility clinic where I had my fimbrioplasty. My doctor was Dr. Lovely and she was awesome. The nursing staff was extremely attentive and my recovery was so much easier because of the top quality care I received.

Can I have just one kid. Please? Just one is all I ask for. I know what a big surprise this is to everyone because I was such a die hard CFBCer. Most people's crotchfruit are the epitome of evil because they take after their peice of shit parents. It's ashame really that there is this group of humans (they barely qualify as human) in this world that think of most things as just that - things, possessions, objects and other living things they think don't have thoughts, feelings, or emtions. They pass on this abhorrent way to their offspring and the cycle continues.

Since I'm on day 28 or 29 I guess I'm suppose to get my period again. So far no bleeding and no period symptoms have occurred.

Keep your fingers crossed for my very very excellent friend Roni - she's been TTCing for some months now. May her testing reveal a positive outcome! I love you Roni!


Amber said...

Fingers and all crossables crossed for Roni.

I'm telling you right now, I hope nothing more than for you to be able to conceive naturally.

Lots of love, J!

Tigerlilly said...

Thank you sweetheart!! We shall know soon enough.
I'm wishing us both some sex trophies of our own VERY soon. And PS - no, when you have your kid, you cannot name it CrotchFruit. Call me crazy, but I think they might get teased a bit in school ;)