Sunday, February 8, 2009


Wait a few days and yeahhhhhhh! We're making up for last month's nearly no-show. Like another CG wife posted a few days ago, uteri suck! I don't have any "fat bloated" sweatpants left, so I've ganked a pair of PIE's. Went clothes shopping yesterday before the bloating swung into full force - 3 shirts and 1 pair of jeans at Kohl's for $16.80, 2 cute as hell dresses (1 for NOLA), several bras and panties, and 3 tops plus a set of beer mugs for $100 at Ross.

On a rather sour note, I keep hearing the "She doesn't deserve a child" whispers. My response to that is, "At least I've proven that I can take care of and love another living being aside from my husband and myself without selfishness, attention whoring, or seeking approval or acceptance from other people." What anyone deserves sure as shit isn't up to you and darwin forbid if it ever was, the whole world would be in chaos thanks to your overwhelming density.