Saturday, October 18, 2008

Calendar-ing? Yeah, I made that word up.

Ok so I need to start charting my cycle right? Ok, but first I need to figure out just how long my cycle is and if it is normal. First day of my last period was 9/30 and now I just need to get it again and I'll know how long my cycle is. This will give me the information necessary to figure out just when I ovulate (or supposedly ovulate).


Dude, why the hell is this so damn complicated?! (That was a rhetorical question)

Yeah, don't stress about this. Yeah uh, don't tell me to not stress about this cause it just makes me stressed out more.

84 pound weight loss had better have normalized my cycle. I'm SICK TO DEATH of dealing with abnormal reproductive issues. It's annoying. Annoying like some psycho buzzing about the virtual world spazzing on you when they have no earthly idea about any sort of reality that exists. They're like a little fucking fly that won't stop buzzing in your face until you SMASH it into jelly. Um, tangent.

I'm hooking up with some of my high school friends next month! Excited about that. We're also going to start planning our 15 year reunion come January. Ugh, makes me feel old! But, I guarantee that I'll have the wisest and most mature spouse there.

Side note: This blog will be a toned down compared to my other blog since the nature of this blogs' focus is trying to get knocked up. Some emotion will be prevalent like frustrations of trying to conceive and the vicissitudes of conception. I hope that what I write here may in time help at least one other person, whether they be male or female, with their TTC journey.

Disclaimer: Any comments made that are of a stalking, harassing, violent, threatening, and down right taking advantage of my reproductive complications will be removed. Any comment that I do not like will be erased. Appropriate action will be taken, consequences will be administered, and the perps will not like what comes their way at all. This is your only warning.


Amber said...

I only have sincere love and support to offer.


I didn't even realize you had this blog! I'm so out of the loop! I'm excited for you and eager to see what the future holds for you and your PIE.

Nissa said...

Calendar-ing? lol, the words you come up with.

Yeah calendar-ing is a strange way to look at your body. You learn alot with the same sex ed induced feelings about body functions.

The school nurse walks in, the boys walk out, and we sit stunned talking about periods, maxi pads, and training bras. Only now its discharge textures, temp, and how it all relates to hormones levels.

Yeah eiw.

Julez said...

Thanks ladies! Yep Nissa, I sssooo remember those sex ed classes!