Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wow, a bit much ya think?!

Period showed up yesterday (12/5). Today, however, I've bled through a couple times while at work. This hasn't happened in YEARS. The really cool thing is that I seem to be regulated in my cycle without BCP's! Very stoked. Looks to be about 32 days from start to start.

My job is going great. Had a very rocky day last Monday, but the rest of the week went perfectly! I going to buy a small greenhouse with my Giftmas and birthday money. I can't wait to start my veggies and flowers in February/March! Growing our own produce will save us so much money. I'll be able to take the greenhouse with us back to VA in a couple years too.

I read a post tonight on one of my CG spouses discussion forums about why the OP's SIL doesn't like babies. At 2330 that thread was an hour old and not one response. Delicate thread that could turn VERY ugly very quickly. I may respond to it after all. Some people just have an aversion to small babies and children. They don't want any and don't want to be forced to interact with a child on any level. It may also be because a person does not know how to act around babies and small children. Kids may make them uncomfortable. Maybe they don't know what to do with kids? It might be that don't want to be bothered. Truthfully, the only person that knows why they may not like babies is themselves and they don't have to explain why to anyone. There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING, wrong with not liking kids.

Meh, I don't have a problem with kids or babies. I just wasn't wanting to replicate for the last decade. I like being CFBC, but I'm having that bio-clock-ticking-away feeling. I will always be angry that my choice of naturally conceiving was pretty much taken away from me by shitty medical practices. Awful.

I'm assuming that since I have a period and that my cycle seems to be normal that I do in fact ovulate, right? I really need to buy that book everyone keeps telling me about.

I juwst put a dasg=h of Nestle's Coffeemate Caramel Apple flavored coffee creamer in my hot tea. OMDOG, is it yummy! I have to only put in a splash because it does have 5g's of sugar per Tablespoon serving.

Cool news: We have a vacation home now! I cannot wait to start decorating it! I need to go to Joann's and buy some fabrics to make curtains. Going to be so much fun!

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