Thursday, December 11, 2008

7 days long

Period ended today. The last 4 days had been very light, which is good for me considering how the first few days were and have officially been renamed "The Red Sea" - gross I know, but I cannot think of a more apt title.

Had an adverse reaction to the Caramel Apple creamer last night - made me nauseous, so I will not be putting any of that flavored stuff, not even a hint of it, in my coffee or tea. It was during our driving last night all around Bucks County when it happened and I do not think it was carsickness. It lasted about 20 mins. I really thought I was going to dump (puke). I know how to listen to my body when it tells me it is not happy. Won't be consuming that anymore. I have other pouch-friendly options that taste great!

We've had two gloriously rainy days here!

I cannot wait for Giftmas morning! PIE will be getting everything he wants this year as far as gifts are concerned. The only thing he (and I) will not be getting is our trip to WA for Giftmas to spend with my Mom like we had been planning for the last 8 months. Fortunately, we still have that trip fund to build up even more for next year. I think we'll be taking two trips to WA in 2009 - one for a family reunion and the other for Giftmas/New Year's. YAY! Being frugal and using coupons has saved us over 2K in 2008, which I have been salting away! You have to watch your money wisely no matter what rank you are in the military. In a sense it is a fixed income with the only variable being where you're stationed.

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