Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 5

Day 5 of my period and it's been normal. Should be finished by tomorrow. No icky PMS symptoms, no bloating or cramps. It's weird to not have any of these because even on the pill at various times in my life I've ALWAYS had something. I didn't even have that obligatory day of complete bitchiness and irritation at everything no matter how insignificant. I feel like I've finally taken back control of my body from some unhealthy morbidly obese life-sucking parasite!

Every aspect of my life is progressing perfectly. PIE is much happier these days too! He's done an outstanding job getting healthy and adapting to this new way of eating. I'm so proud of him and his progress!

In three years we have achieved these milestones:

Quit smoking and stay smoke-free
Lost weight - together we've lost 100lbs so far
Improved our way of eating
Started and kept an exercise regimen that we don't get bored with and provides results
Rescued and adopted several animals

I'm very satisfied!


Cassie said...

Wooohooo Julez! That's wonderful! Crossing my fingers for you!!!

The Chicken Lady said...

You guys rock! And isn't it funny to be HAPPY about your period? :)