Monday, November 17, 2008

Counting, counting

That period lasted a bit longer than I wanted, but the fact that I even had one within a normal time frame is promising. I'm down to 133 as of this morning, so I really think that shedding all of my weight has put my cycle back to pretty normal.

My new full time job has been great! I get to work with some pretty awesome people. They've totally taken me under their wing and teaching me the ropes in a very professional manner while still being fun. I'm loving dressing in nice clothes, putting on some makeup, and doing my hair - makes me feel more grownup. Makes me feel professional. I had the manner, but not the look and now I have both!

I'm not going to stress with charting anything or keeping a written record. If it's going to happen it will and if it does we'll be happy of course. If it never does, then we'll be happy nonetheless.

I will be seeing my new GYN in January after my next appt with my WL surgeon in VA. Maybe we can do some blood work to determine what my hormone levels are. I am really curious to see if they've come back to normal like my other bloodwork has.

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